Model Studies on Ecstasy

Model Studies on Ecstasy develops a faithful and site-specifc imagery of the concept of ecstasy, a merging between the self and the surroundings. Ecstasy is often misrepresented in Western culture. It is usually sexualised or mistaken for a hyperbolicstate of bliss, while, etymologically, ecstasy is about placement: the ecstatic body stands outside of itself, outside of linear time, both before birth and after death, indistinct from its surroundings.
As an art model, Marceau-Lafeur regularly practices ecstasy as a means to reach motionlessness, and as an artist, she aims at creating an accurate image of this specifc mode of consciousness. It is from this double perspective that she makes objects to perform with (and in), where the environment of the life class and her own body come together.

Model Studies on Ecstasy, Florence Marceau-Lafleur, van 24 feb. – 26 mrt. 2023.